Where Are You?

“Then the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” Genesis 3:9

Is where you are currently in life the place you desire to be? If not, what are you going to do to get in the right place?

Adam, where are you

When God asked Adam, “Where are you”, He knew exactly where Adam was. He knew he had deliberately disobeyed His command of eating the forbidden fruit. Adam’s guilt and fear caused him to attempt to hide from God.

All God wanted him to do was to be upfront and honest with Him. He desired for Adam to come clean with what he had done. It may have been a different outcome if he had sought God for forgiveness. I believe He would have bestowed His restoring favor on him and Eve.

He was waiting for Adam to tell Him where he was and what he had done. This was Adam’s opportunity to reflect God’s character. Instead, he ran and tried to hide from the all-knowing God. 

God’s plan for Adam

God gave Adam the ultimate plan for his life. He made for him a lovely place where he could live in true peace and prosperity. He placed him in a remarkable garden full of trees that produced fruit that was beautiful to see and delicious to eat. Everything God gave him in this wonderful garden was for his enjoyment.

The most incredible thing that took place in the Garden of Eden was that God himself would come to the garden and have intimate fellowship with the man He meticulously created with his hands, in His image. Adam had the hook up. But, as we sometimes do, he made a bad decision that cost him dearly. What bad decisions have you made that cost you?

God has placed within each of us a purpose to pursue and a vision to fulfill. Often we make terrible decisions that detour our destiny. One of the realities of disobedience is that it separates us from God and takes us off the path to living out His vision.

Instead of going right we listen to our flesh and go left or when we should go straight we listen to others opinions and go down the wrong path. Instead of obeying, what we know is right; we do what brings joy to our flesh. When we make the choice to disobey God’s direction and follow our flesh, our vision becomes distorted. 

Where are you?

When faced with the question, “Where are you?” what will you say. You can boldly tell God where you are and what you need. You do not have to hide or be afraid. He desires to help you. You no longer have to blame your job, your parents, your spouse, the economy, the government, society or God. You can accept responsibility and get on track to living the life that you were designed to live. 

It is the trick of the enemy to make you think that running from God is the answer. The enemy is only out to steal, kill and destroy the destiny God designed for you.

The enemy is after your self-esteem, your identity, your mind, your emotions, your plans, your witness and your productivity. He is after everything you value and hold onto as being good and true.

God is calling, “(your name), where are you?”  Stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. Stop waiting for others approval. Stop listening to the naysayers.

Listen to God! Take heed to His directions! He has provided everything you need to execute His plan for your life. He has everything in place for you to live out your vision.

God is waiting for you to trust Him. He is waiting for your faith to connect with His purpose. He is waiting for you to tell Him where you are, so He can put you on the right road to living your destiny. 



Question: Where are you currently in your life spiritually, relationally, financially, mentally, physically, professionally and socially? Leave a comment.


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  • Nice one, Bernard. I like the way you spelled out all that the enemy is trying to steal; all the gifts from our Father. We are easily mislead by our flesh, but it is in the heart that we seek Him and when we do the outside is taken care of by Him.

    I’m somewhere on the path striving to run the good race, for His purpose more than my own. I’m not perfect in it, but our Father is bringing me around. It’s a great question; “Where are you?” Running from our Father that holds this globe and the cosmos in His hand is like an ant trying to run from us trapped under our cup.

    • Floyd, I love the ant analogy. It is so true. I have been their countless times.

  • Great post!

    I’m currently in a place that some Christians don’t understand, but I know it’s where my God has placed me. I posted about it this week.

    • TC, it was an honest post. If you know God has placed you there then bump what others have to say. What if blind Bartimaeus would have listened to the crowd, he would never receive his healing. What if Peter would have listened to the others on the boat, he would have never walked on water. What if the woman with the issue of blood would have stopped her pursuit because of the people, she would not have been cured of her issues. Keep looking to Him who is the author and finisher of your faith and don’t worry about what other people have to say.

      • Amen! Very encouraging.

        Thank you.

  • Once again, I read a post that comes directly from my musings. No doubt God is communicating. This message is important. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lawrence, thanks for commenting. It is great how God confirms your message through someone else.

  • Knowing God knows everything we have done and will do usurers me that I can confidently go to Him and receive his love and mercy. Great post!