“And it came to pass when the Philistine arose and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”  I Samuel 17:48


Men get into serious trouble when they do not have a clear definition of who they are or where they are going. Imagine a football coach trying to lead a football team without a game plan; a builder trying to build a house without a blueprint; or a CEO trying to lead a company without a business plan. 

All of the preceding examples perpetuate confusion because the leaders are trying to operate without a plan.

When men do not know their God-designed vision, they experience inner turmoil that results in outward confusion. But when a man realizes his true vision for life, his confusion, anger and destructive behavior are replaced with God’s purpose, values, vision and goals.


Presentation Summary

Man Up! Rise to the Challenge™ was designed to encourage, equip and empower men to develop and implement a written vision for their life and family. An implemented vision plan in the life of a man is the key to building stable families, strong communities, productive societies, effective ministries and secure nations.

8 Strategies to man up and rise to the challenge

  1. Man of Vision
  2. Man without excuses
  3. Man of purpose
  4. Man in position for purpose
  5. Man of values
  6. Man of faith
  7. Man with goals
  8.  Man working his plan


Target Audience

Man Up! Rise to the Challenge EmPowershop is targeted for men at all levels and stages of life. It is great for men’s ministry, prison ministry, men’s conferences and men’s small groups. If you desire to equip and empower men to be all God designed them to be, then this EmPowershop is what you need.


Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a one, two, three or four-hour presentations.


Intended Outcomes

  • EmPowershopattendees will have a framework that will enable them to strategically develop and implement a personal and/or family vision plan.
  • EmPowershopattendees will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.
  • EmPowershop™ attendees will leave with the tools to live a successful life.


If you are looking to help men close the gap and achieve the extraordinary from a unique and innovative approach, contact Lead to Impact at 404-423-6788 or bhaynes@leadtoimpact.com and reserve our Man Up! Rise to the Challenge™ EmPowershop™  Today! 



What are others saying about Goals Matter?


Mr. Haynes (Lead to Impact) provided a quality presentation for our students on establishing and implementing a plan to achieve their goals. The goal setting workshop was a valuable asset in our AFL Summer Leadership camp.  Excellent job!”

Taralyn Keese, MSW
Mentor Manager
Adolescent Family Life Grant

 “The workshop on setting and implementing goals facilitated by Mr. Haynes really helped me set a meaningful goal. During the workshop, I set a goal to improve my math grade to an “A” for the upcoming year. Using his Goals Matter! Program, I was able to set a solid plan to achieve my goal. This was an excellent workshop.”

8th Grade Student
Goals Matter! Workshop


Mr. Haynes’ workshop on Goals Matter! was awesome and I am definitely going to follow through with it.”

9th Grade Student
Goals Matter! Workshop


Goal setting is an excellent tool that has given me great motivation in accomplishing my dreams. Over the past four years, I have seen several goals personally accomplished because I implemented a written goals plan. I believe Mr. Haynes’ Goals Matter! Presentation is an excellent resource to help our young people develop a plan to achieve their dreams.”

Mark Merchant
Turner Middle School,
Administrative Assistant/Football & Track Coach


Mr. Haynes did an outstanding job with our students helping them to see the importance of setting and achieving goals. His presentation was clear and focused and allowed students to establish a plan of action to reach a chosen goal.”

Denise Fountain


Mr. Haynes was certainly a blessing to our middle and high school students. I have been working with youth for decades and to say they are a ‘tough crowd’ to hold their attention would be an understatement. Mr. Haynes masterfully delivered his message of leadership and responsibility, which I personally think ‘took hold’ in the majority of our students.”

ED Payne

Church Administrator

Grace Baptist Christian School




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