How to know when it’s time for a vision alignment

“The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How to know when you need a vision alignment

Is your vision in proper alignment to where you desire to go? Do you have a vision that covers every area of your life (spiritual, relational, physical, social, mental, financial and professional)? If you answered no to these questions, you have some work to do.

My Realization

A few years ago, my life was like a vehicle out of alignment, it was veering all over the place except where I desired it to go.

The underlying problem was that I was trying to do too many things. I had no clear vision of where I was going. I was experimenting with an array of different things that left my life in chaos. I would get started on one thing and half way through completion I would change directions.

I would hear or read about some expert’s five step formula to success and immediately hop on the bandwagon. I would incorporate the expert’s five steps in my daily life without much success. I found myself repeating this scenario too many times.

My life was crazy. I was going in too many directions and not accomplishing much. I was on a continual life loop going nowhere.

I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know what. The frustration and discouragement of not living the life I envisioned was disappointing.

I realized that I needed a life mechanic. Just like if your car is out of alignment, you take it to a mechanic for him to make the proper adjustments to get your car back in alignment.

The life mechanic I sought was not a life coach, counselor, mentor or adviser. These are all good in their place, but I decided to seek God, the designer of my life get my vision in proper alignment. I had gotten tired of always veering in the opposite direction of where I needed to be.

I remember as if it was yesterday, one evening after my family had gone to bed I went to my study room in the basement to ask God some serious questions about my life’s direction. As I began to ask Him the most pressing questions on my heart, He led me to read the book of Habakkuk.

After reading the three chapters in Habakkuk several times, it hit me like a ton of bricks, I needed to realize, write and implement God’s vision for my life, marriage and family in order to get  my life in alignment.

That night, I made a commitment to write a vision that would encompass my whole life. Over the next few of weeks, I sought God’s face, devoured His Word and read other individuals stories on how they lived out their vision.

After spending this necessary time asking and seeking direction, God revealed His vision for my life. I wrote my vision in explicit details, posted it in my home as a reminder and immediately started implementing it.

The benefits of an alignment

Just like a bad alignment can lead to serious problems with a vehicle, a bad vision alignment can lead to serious life problems. It can lead you to chase things outside of your vision. It can leave you frustrated and fatigued because your life constantly veers in the opposite direction of where you want to go.

Until you admit that your vision is out of alignment and you need help, your life will stay off course. The only solution to a car and vision alignment is to visit someone qualified to help you get your vehicle and life back on track.

If you want your car in proper alignment, you need to visit a certified mechanic. If you want your vision in right alignment, you need to spend time with the God of the universe. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Don’t wait for the perfect moment or the right situation before you take the necessary steps to get your life aligned to God’s vision.

If you want your car to drive smooth, a proper alignment is necessary. If you want to live your vision with power, it must be alignment with God’s vision.

Here are three reasons it’s important to stop driving a car and living life out of alignment.

  • A vehicle alignment aids tire rotation and balance. Even though you may take care to rotate tires every six or seven thousand miles, if the car is out of alignment, they can still wear wrong and get shredded in a relatively short time.
  • A vision alignment helps balance your life. A person without a proper vision alignment will bounce from one thing to another, never realizing their full potential. A vision that is aligned with your purpose and values will block out the distractions and diversions that interfere with you living a balanced life.


  • A vehicle alignment improves handling. A car with a proper wheel alignment is easier to drive. When dealing with road obstacles such as potholes, you are better able to handle the road.
  • A vision alignment improves how you handle your life. When you have a clear vision that directs your life, you are better equipped to handle the obstacles and opposition. Trust me, obstacles and opposition will show up when you least expect them. But, when life throws you a curveball, a clear vision empowers you to navigate through any turbulence with a sense of peace and hope.


  • A vehicle alignment reduces wear on steering column. Bad alignment causes wear on a lot of car parts, not just the tires. A vehicle out of alignment can shake parts and cause even more damage not seen by the physical eye.
  • A vision alignment reduces burn out. When your vision is aligned with who God created you to be, you will not burn yourself out trying to be someone else. You delay living your best life when you resolve to imitate someone else’s vision. Just be you and avoid the unnecessary wear and tear on your life.

Don’t throw in the towel if things don’t go as planned. Don’t panic if your life veers off course. Stop. Take inventory of where you are. Seek God for help. Listen to His voice. Align your thoughts and actions to His directions and watch your life’s vision expand and explode.



Question: Are there some areas in your life, you need to get in alignment with God’s vision? What do you need to do to make it happen? Leave a comment below.

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Bernard Haynes is the CEO of Lead to Impact. He is the author of Vision Impact!, Goals Matter! and It's In You to Win. He teaches and trains individuals and organizations using his inspirational, interactive and instructional EmPowershops. His life assignment is to help bring out the color within people lives by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and live out their God-designed vision.

  • floyd

    Exceptional analogy. I’m to surprised to find that I seek first our Father for my guidance as well. Turning to another person for guidance before God is a recipe for disaster for those of us that know Him personally. It’s like driving without lug nuts. I couldn’t agree more. Awesome post, Bernard.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks Floyd. I have turned to people for guidance before seeking God and it was a recipe for disaster. I learned to go to God and allow Him to direct you to who you need to connect with.

  • Barb Raveling

    Great analogy, Bernard. We’ve had similar experiences with going all over the place and not focusing on one thing. I have so many unfinished projects/books at my house. It helped me to narrow my focus as far as projects go, but I’m finding that unless I keep going back to God for the tune-up, the alignment, and everything else – and keeping my relationship with Him first and His will first, I have this temptation to let the plan become an idol. That surprises me since I’m not a goal driven person by nature. This whole thing is such a growth process, isn’t it? I love how you continue to grow and pursue God in the midst of it.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Barb, we do have similar experiences. I am working on my problem of not focusing. I am fine tuning my goal setting to focus on less and accomplish more. I am getting back to the two things that make me who I am and cut the other stuff. With our over communicated world it is easy to get side tracked.

      • Barb Raveling

        I am doing the same fine-tuning, Bernard. I find that when I focus on less, not only do I accomplish more, but I’m far less likely to get stressed out.

  • TCAvey

    Wonderful analogy! Very inspiring post.

    I spent most of my life “out of alignment”, it took a major crash for me to readjust my thinking to what God had planned for me. Daily I must seek Him, my natural tendency is to drive out of alignment.
    Matt 6:33 keeps me focused. I must be more about HIS kingdom than about my own. THEN everything else will “fall into place”.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Excellent response. It took a major crash for me to make adjustments to my life to get in alignment to God’s vision.

  • Dave Arnold

    Great post Bernard! Love the anology of
    an alignment. And you’re right: God is the One who aligns our lives to the vision He has for us.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks for reading. Dave, I wanted to ask you would you be interested in being a contributor writer on my blog. If you are interested I can email you the details. It is nothing that will be time consuming.

      • Dave Arnold

        Yes Bernard! I’d love to. You can email me at Tnx!

  • David Bartosik

    For those without vision this comes as a shock. Life cannot be that bad without vision—look at my life they would say…its fine and I don’t have a vision.

    They couldn’t be more wrong. It is unreal what a clear, articulate vision can do for your life. You have to fill int he blanks and work towards a goal but the vision helps clarify direction.

    This is probably one of the most original posts Ive read in a while! Great stuff Bernard- keep um coming.

    • Bernard Haynes

      David, thanks for your insights. You hit the nail on the head when you said, ‘a vision helps clarify direction’.

  • Skip Prichard

    What a terrific analogy! It’s inspiring and an important process. At the end of each year, I take stock of where I’ve been and prepare for the next. This is a good post to start that process.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks, Skip. I am in the process of taking stock of where I’ve been and where I desire to go.

  • Barb Raveling

    How is the book coming along, Bernard?

    • Bernard Haynes

      Barb, I hit a couple of roadblocks,but I am back on target. I am working to have it completed by mid January.

      • Barb Raveling

        I’m all too familiar with roadblocks, Bernard. Wish I wasn’t! Publishing a book is a lot of work! Glad you’re back on target!

  • Micah

    I can relate to this alot, had a similar experience earlier on this year. It’s surprising, but I think a lot of the time the problem we have is we just fail to believe there is a vision for us, and so never give ourselves the permission to dream a little and try to discover what it might be. Like you say, we become routine/duty/responsibilities focused rather than vision focused. Which is ok, but just not a way to live the life we’re meant to.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks for commenting Micah. You hit the nail on the head when you said the problem we have is believing there is a vision for us. I downplayed vision because I did not give myself permission to pursue my vision.

  • Loren Pinilis

    It’s so easy to start off aligned but to gradually shift over time. There’s the danger – that we don’t even realize we’re veering off course. Then God will hit us with these moments of crisis where we can get back straight again. Great post!

    • Bernard Haynes

      Loren, I like it when you said God will hit us with moments of crisis. I will have to use that.

  • Dan Black

    I recently put on new tires and alined my car and never new how bad it was until the new tires/aliment. It’s a lot smother. That’s what a coach or mentor can do for us, give us a fresh perspective about our life and vision. Allowing us to be inline with where God intends for us to go. Powerful post!

    Great thoughts, Bernard!!!

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks, Dan. You are correct a coach or mentor can give us a fresh perspective about our vision. I am glad I have people like you, who encourages me on my vision journey.

      • Dan Black

        I can say the same about you, you have greatly helped me with your writing. Thank you:)