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Goals Matter! is our signature youth presentation. What is it that you desire to do, but think you can’t?  How can you hit a target you can’t see or don’t have? You must make targets in your life. The problem in life is not the lack of time, but the lack of focus. 

Goals Matter! EmPowershop™ is designed to enable young people to decipher between stagnant dreams and achievable goals, create a realistic plan of action and empower them to work on more than one goal simultaneously. Clearly defined goals help young people determine priorities, get organized, make better decisions and move their dreams into action.

Through our intense research and talking to young people of different ages, we developed twelve simple steps to empower young people to achieve their desired goals. 

Each young person will identify at least five specific goals they want to achieve. During the EmPowershop™ they will work through our twelve simple steps to complete a Goals Matter! Planning Sheet for two of the goals they identified. This approach gives them a tangible written goals plan they can quickly reference to help keep them on track.

Remember, this will be a process and a tremendous learning experience. After completing this EmPowershop™ each young person will be equipped with the tools necessary to make achieving their goals a reality.

Who is this Youth EmPowershop for: Youth ministries & organizations, middle & high schools, youth conferences, retreats and workshops.

Format: The program can be delivered as a one hour or two hours EmPowershop.

Contact Lead to Impact at (404) 423-6788 or bhaynes@leadtoimpact.com and reserve Goals Matter! EmPowershop™ Today!


On Your Mark! Get Ready! Set Your Goals!  Live Your Dreams!



Mr. Haynes (Lead to Impact) provided a quality presentation for our students on establishing and implementing a plan to achieve their goals.  The goal setting workshop was a valuable asset in our AFL Summer Leadership camp.  Excellent job!”

Taralyn Keese, MSW
Mentor Manager
Adolescent Family Life Grant


The workshop on setting and implementing goals facilitated by Mr. Haynes really helped me set a meaningful goal. During the workshop I set a goal to improve my Math grade to an “A” for the up coming year. Using his Goals Matter! Program I was able to set a solid plan to achieve my goal. This was an excellent workshop.”

8th Grade Student
Goals Matter! Workshop


Mr. Haynes workshop on Goals Matter! was awesome and I am definitely going to follow through with it”

9th Grade Student
Goals Matter! Workshop


Goal setting is an excellent tool that has given me great motivation in accomplishing my dreams.  Over the past four years I have seen several goals personally accomplished because I implemented a written goals plan.  I believe Mr. Haynes Goals Matter! Presentation is an excellent resource to help our young people develop a plan to achieve their dreams.”

Mark Merchant
Turner Middle School,
Administrative Assistant/Football & Track Coach


Mr. Haynes did an outstanding job with our students helping them to see the importance of setting and achieving goals.  His presentation was clear and focused and allowed students to establish a plan of action to reach a chosen goal.”

Denise Fountain


Mr. Haynes was certainly a blessing to our middle – high school students. I have been working with youth for decades and to say thy are a ‘tough crowd’ to hold their attention would be an understatement. Mr Haynes masterfully delivered his message of leadership & responsibility, which I personally think ‘took hold’ in the majority of  our students.

ED Payne
Church Administrator
Grace Baptist Christian School