“And it came to pass when the Philistine arose and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”  I Samuel 17:48


Men get into serious trouble when they do not have a clear definition of who they are or where they are going. Imagine a football coach trying to lead a football team without a game plan; a builder trying to build a house without a blueprint; or a CEO trying to lead a company without a business plan. 

All of the preceding examples perpetuate confusion because the leaders are trying to operate without a plan.

When men do not know their God-designed vision, they experience inner turmoil that results in outward confusion. But when a man realizes his true vision for life, his confusion, anger and destructive behavior are replaced with God’s purpose, values, vision and goals.


Presentation Summary

Man Up! Rise to the Challenge™ was designed to encourage, equip and empower men to develop and implement a written vision for their life and family. An implemented vision plan in the life of a man is the key to building stable families, strong communities, productive societies, effective ministries and secure nations.

8 Truths to Help Men Live Out Their Destiny

  1. Man of vision
  2. Man without excuses
  3. Man of purpose
  4. Man in position for purpose
  5. Man of values
  6. Man of faith
  7. Man with goals
  8. Man working his plan


Target Audience

Man Up! Rise to the Challenge EmPowershop is targeted for men at all levels and stages of life. It is great for men’s ministry, prison ministry, men’s conferences and men’s small groups. If you desire to encourage, equip and empower men to be all God designed them to be, then this EmPowershop is what you need.


Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a one, two, three or four-hour presentation.


Intended Outcomes


  • EmPowershopattendees will have a framework that will enable them to strategically develop and implement a personal and/or family vision plan.
  • EmPowershopattendees will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.
  • EmPowershop™ attendees will leave with the tools to live a successful life.


If you are looking to help men close the gap and achieve the extraordinary from a unique and innovative approach, contact Lead to Impact at 404-423-6788 or bhaynes@leadtoimpact.com and reserve our Man Up! Rise to the Challenge™ EmPowershop™  Today! 



What are others saying about Man Up! Rise to the Challenge?


“I am the Senior Chaplain at Augusta State Medical Prison and am honored to have an opportunity to be on the receiving end of the spirit-filled ministry of Lead to Impact. Brother Haynes has come to the prison where he led very powerful workshops for the men who are incarcerated here. Many of the men express there sincere thanks for the spiritual impartations and the profound lasting impact that this ministry has had on their lives in provoking them to think, plan and prepare themselves to be productive citizens upon their release from prison. The workshop is stimulating and profoundly practical, so much so, that we are welcoming Lead to Impact to partner regularly with us in a collaborative effort to prepare these men to be strong Godly men, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and awesome citizens of our community, whose lives will be transformed of righteousness for God’s use.” 

Pastor Roy Norman 
Senior Chaplain at Augusta Medical Prison


“This EmPowershop experience was very much positive. It open my eyes to change in a way I have not heard before. I am about to Man Up! and let the process of change begin in my life.”

Anthony Westmoreland
Man Up! Rise to the Challenge EmPowershop Attendee


“You are a very awesome speaker and great up lifter of  men. Man Up! Rise to the Challenge is an excellent presentation to help men keep moving towards what God desires for them to achieve.”

Ramond Coppage
Man Up! Rise to the Challenge EmPowershop Attendee


“Excellent and empowering workshop. This is what men need in this day and time where our social and economic system is on the demise. We must embrace our God given purpose and vision to create a legacy for our generations.  Man Up! Rise to the Challenge was right on time.”

Aaron Hurst
Man Up! Rise to the Challenge EmPowershop Attendee


“Mr Haynes of Lead to Impact provided a powerful seminar (Man Up! Rise to the Challenge) for the fathers of our Head Start students. The presentation was right on target for encouraging men to live a  positive and productive life. The worksheet he used during the presentation was really a great tool for the men to use and reuse. The men commented afterwards how the workshop really was an eye opening experience. Thank you so much Mr. Haynes for this powerful presentation.”

Teressa Dobbs
Family Partner Douglasville Head Start Male Involvement Program




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