Do You Have Sight or Vision?

Relying totally on what you see with your physical eyes can blind you from seeing your future possibilities.”   Bernard Haynes

I have opened several seminars and workshops holding a pinecone in my hand and I ask the participants the question, “What do you see?” Without fail people shout out, “A pinecone”.

The Pinecone

I ask them the same question again. They look at me with bewilderment in their eyes and say with reservations, “A pinecone”. I ask them the same question a third time. When I ask the third time, I get real confused looks and usually no responses.

Before I give them the answer, I share with them my pinecone experience. I share the day I was cutting grass and complaining to God about why I was struggling in several areas of my life.

I will never forget, I had stopped cutting grass to move some pinecones in the way. As I picked up the cones, it was as if I heard the voice of God say, “What are you holding?” Of course, I said, “A pinecone”.

I heard the same question again and I gave the same exact answer, “A pinecone”. I heard the same question a third time and I was confused as to what the correct answer should be.

Honestly, I became angry because it was hot, I was tired and I felt God was playing with me. I guess this is the way the participants in my seminars feel when I ask them a seemingly easy question three times.

The Potential of the Pinecone

I looked at the pinecone again and I was about to throw it in the woods when I noticed something. I saw several pine trees in my backyard. I looked at the pinecone again and a light bulb went off.

This one pinecone had the potential to produce all of the pine trees that were in my backyard. I thought not only did this one pinecone have the potential to produce all the pine trees, but also everything in the woods could be directly or indirectly connected to this one pinecone.

I began to think even bigger about the pinecone than the woods in my backyard. I saw contained within one pinecone is the potential for an entire forest. If you think about it, the pinecone is a seed that contains a potential tree and that tree contains more pinecones, which produces more trees. Those trees produce more seeds and the process continues as long as there are seeds being produced until you have a forest.

I was totally blown away by my discovery. I realized that day; I had been living by sight instead of vision. I had great sight for things I could see and put my hands on, but I could see no farther. My vision was obstructed because I could not see beyond my current situation. I was looking at my situations in the eyes of my finite sight, instead of the eyes of God’s vision.

When I finish sharing my experience about the pinecone to the seminar participants, nearly everyone’s eyes are wide open because they see the picture. They see the vision of the pinecone is much bigger than what it looks like with the physical eyes. They realize the only way you can see a forest out of a pinecone is through the eyes of vision.

The Eyes of Vision

Have you been operating your life by sight or vision? Vision is the source and hope of life. One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the gift of vision. What could possibly be more satisfying than to know the God of the universe wants you to operate your life by His vision and not by your physical sight?

No inventions, products, great accomplishments, or God’s creation of the universe was accomplished without the inspiring power of vision. Vision is the engine that drives progress.

Operating by sight can cause you to see the problems and challenges around you instead of the solutions God equipped and empowered you with. You see the stack of bills, the near negative bank account, the down turn in the economy, struggles at home and the decline in the job market.

Sight without vision is dangerous because it can cause you to see no hope for a better future.

The Five Truths

Think about the pinecone. There is incredible potential, possibility and power that live within the pinecone. Can I let you in on a secret? The same thing is true of you. God has placed within you the potential of turning your seed (purpose) into a thriving, powerful and productive vision that will change your life and positively affect the lives of everyone connected to you.

My experience with the pinecone that day opened me to five truths I believe will help you move from sight to vision.

  1. Sight is a function of the eyes, while vision is a function of faith.
  2. Sight is the ability to see things as they are, while vision is the ability to see things as they could or should be.
  3. Sight is confined to your current environment, while vision sees beyond your now to your future possibilities.
  4. Sight is based upon what your eyes determine to be true; while vision focuses on what God’s Word says is true.
  5. Sight is fueled by an idea that will bring temporary satisfaction, while vision is fueled by an idea so powerful that it can live beyond the grave.


Question: What can you do to move from sight to vision? Leave a comment below.

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Bernard Haynes is the CEO of Lead to Impact. He is the author of Vision Impact!, Goals Matter! and It's In You to Win. He teaches and trains individuals and organizations using his inspirational, interactive and instructional EmPowershops. His life assignment is to help bring out the color within people lives by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and live out their God-designed vision.

  • pamela martin

    I love it!

    • Bernard Haynes


      Thanks for your support.

  • floyd

    Awesome post, Bernard. You “see” it well, brother. Funny how the senses trap us in ways the spirit is trying to “show” us.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks, Floyd. You are right about the deception of the senses.

  • Betty Draper

    I am with Floyd, awesome post brother. My husband tells me I am a visionary person and often that cause me problems. It can be discouraging to try to get others to see your vision. It takes courage to follow a vision or better yet catch someone else vision. God always prepared me for the vision he gives my husband to go into all the world and preach the gospel. A God given vision will not leave you alone till one puts feet to it. You have some good points in this post.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks for commenting Betty. When God gives a vision, He supplies you with the resources you need to make things happen.

  • Caleb

    For me time alone and meditating on God’s Word helps me to gain and keep the vision in front of me.

    • Bernard Haynes

      That is key.

  • Rainer Proksch

    Awesome post! Having a vision about different aspects in your life can help you to organize your life according to those visions.

    • Bernard Haynes

      Thanks, for commenting Rainer.

  • Lawrence Namale

    “One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the gift of vision.” My friend, this is an awesome post. It is eye opening to me…in that at times I have been blinded by sight (can you imagine?). Thanks so much for sharing. I am blessed.

  • Christina(C20H30O)

    Thanks Bernard. God is so good. ***** For this article.