7 Reasons Why You Need a Written Vision Plan

 “Without a written vision and a plan to achieve it, you will never live to your full potential.”   Bernard Haynes


We can spend more time planning a one-week vacation or what we are going to wear a night out on the town than identifying what outcomes we want to see in the major areas of our lives.

This kind of mindset can lead a person to wander aimlessly from day to day, week to week and year to year with no clear direction in mind. For this reason, it is necessary that everyone should take the time to create a written vision plan to give their life direction.

The power of a personal vision statement

A personal vision statement is your GPS that guides you to the destination that God designed for your life. It ensures you stay focused on your plan and not get involved with anything or anyone that will sidetrack you from your vision course. It is your guiding light to lead you through the storms and obstacles that will challenge your direction.

Don’t let the enormity of a vision dissuade you from writing it down and taking action. I encourage you to write your vision statement in explicit details. Don’t leave anything out. Don’t let others discourage you. Don’t let your present situation detour you.

Please know that God’s vision for your life is not based upon:

  • What you have or do not have.
  • What others say or do not say.
  • How much money you have or do not have.
  • Whether you are the CEO or the janitor.
  • If you completely understand it or not.

It is based upon who God determined you to be and what He assigned you to do in this present time.

The Seven reasons

Here are seven reasons why you need a written vision plan:

1.  It empowers you to clarify your life’s direction. The CEO has a business plan to guide the company. A football coach has a game plan to lead his team. A builder uses a blueprint to construct a house.

A written vision plan empowers you to construct and clarify your life. It gives you the correct directions and coordinates to follow. It gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to move forward even in the face of fear. If you don’t have a written vision it is time to sit down and start developing one.

2.  It allows you to guard your life against imbalances. A written vision plan helps you focus on the things essential to living your destiny. It helps you maintain a healthy balance between where you are and where you desire to go.

Some people sacrifice their family for a career. Others sacrifice their health for temporary pleasure or a nurturing relationship with their children for worldly success. If you want a healthy marriage, a successful career, productive children, stable finances or good health, it is possible, if you have a clearly written vision plan that maintains a cohesive balance with all the areas of your life.

3.  It helps you filter the distractions. A filter is a device used to extract impurities from air or water. A written vision plan can be described as a filter that extracts the distractions and discouragements that interferes with your life’s direction.  

A written vision plan allows you to say “yes” to what matters most and “no” to those activities detrimental to your vision. It will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make the most of your potential opportunities. What distractions to living your vision do you need to filter?

4.  It aids you in identifying where you are. A written vision not only points you to the future, but it aids you in identifying where you are to get you to where you desire to be.

You may have to acknowledge that you need to make external and internal life changes. You may realize that you must make immediate changes to your present position to open opportunities for a better future.

Identifying where you are helps you face the direction of your vision against the backdrop of your current realities. When you are honest about your current realities, your written vision will empower you with the right instructions and inspiration you need to make right decisions.

5.  It equips you to move towards a better future. A ship that set sail for an island destination is equipped with a compass that navigates its direction, a rudder to help the pilot steer the ship and a plan to set course to its destination. In the same way, a written vision becomes your compass, rudder and plan to direct your steps toward a better future.

When you are equipped to move towards your destined future, your focus will shift from yesterday’s problems to today’s possibilities for tomorrow’s promises. What do you desire for your future (spiritually, relationally, physically, socially, mentally, financially and professionally)?

6.  It serves as your road map. Back in the day we used road maps to get us to our destinations. With today’s technological advances the road map changed from a printed map to a GPS. A GPS gives you the directions you need in seconds. If the directions change, it recalibrate within a few seconds to give an alternate route.

Your vision plan acts as a GPS for your life. Please know that you will hit some potholes and encounter roadblocks. But, your vision gives you the turns and alternate routes you need to take to get you to your ultimate destination. Being clear on where you want to be is deeply important and pursuing it passionately helps you grow and develop into the person God designed you to be.

7.  It inspires you to focus forward without holding on to past regrets. The World is waiting for you to make an impact with your vision. Many people live with debilitating regrets because life is not turning out the way they anticipated. They live daily with disappointment, discontentment and discouragement, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to let past regrets hold you hostage from living a better life.

We have all experienced something from our past that if we had the opportunity for a redo, we would do things differently. The reality is you do not get an opportunity for a redo. You can strive not to repeat the sins and mistakes from your past. If you start focusing on your present life for a better future, you want waste time holding on to past regrets.

While you cannot control everything that happens in your life, you can take the time to write and implement a vision plan. A written and implemented vision plan will dramatically improve your chances of ending up at the destination God designed for you.

Question: What steps do you need to take create and implement a written vision plan? Leave a comment below.



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  • Well done, Bernard. Well thought out – a sure sign of a path you know well.

    For the last two years I haven’t written down a plan. I did for so many years that it started to feel mechanical to me. I will again, but probably in a slightly different way. I will say that the discipline of making a contract with yourself is a powerful form of inspiration.

    • It is powerful Floyd. I believe we have to make our plans dynamic and not static. A lot of people make plans and if things don’t happen the way the want they get frustrated and stop making plans. I did same thing. We don’t have to have some 20 page document. I use a one page vision plan sheet and a 2 page goals sheet to help document and track my progress. A builder has blueprint, but as he is building a lot of times he has to make changes and adjustments during the building process.

  • Great points.
    I need to take the time to actually write out a plan. It’s in my head…parts of it at least.
    What I need to do is slow down enough so that I can put all those thoughts into order, pray about them and write them down as I dedicate my life to His plan.

    Proverbs 3:5-6

    • Thanks for commenting. It is great to have a written plan. It is Biblical to have a written plan. God had a strategic plan in the beginning. Habakkuk talks about and Nehemiah presented the people a vision plan before they rebuilt the walls. Noah had a plan to build the ark. The list goes on and on.

  • Dan Erickson

    I’m due for a new personal mission statement. I’ve written statements about my work, my writing, my music, etc. But I need to write one about life itself.

    • Dan, thanks for commenting. That is what me and my wife did. We wrote a vision statement for our personal, marriage and family. Our vision statement consists of our purpose, prioritize core values and a future statement for seven areas of life. It is on one sheet. We posted our family vision statement in our home.

  • On point! I think for me one of the ‘worst questions’ that a cousin of mine asked me few years back was, “What are you up to?” I did not have anything that I was working on…so I turned to my girlfriend and started bragging of how she was furthering her studies! I had no vision…but boy when I got this bit of vision sorted, I knew mine was to Inspire and Enrich Lives world-wide. This keeps me going. Thanks for sharing. Am blessed by any message on vision.

    • Thanks Lawrence. Vision is so powerful. We will work our self to death to fulfill a vision for a company or organization, but fail to a have vision that directs our lives. I have dedicated my life to living my God-designed vision and helping others realize and live their vision.

  • Great tips here, a written vision statement is like a road map leading us toward our desired goals. Without it we become lose or go the wrong way.

    • You are correct. A vision is a road map that lead us toward our desired goals. Without a vision we go around circles never reaching our ultimate destination.

      • Glad to comment, your doing amazing work over here.