21 Insights to Empower You to Live Your Vision with Impact

God created each of us with a vision to make an impact in the world, but it is our responsibility to realize it, develop it, enhance it and use it.”  Bernard Haynes

You were born with the potential to live an extraordinary life. Your journey to extraordinary living is about realizing your life’s vision. When you discover your vision your life will forever change. You will become more energized and excited to live each day. You will begin to think, talk and walk with a different motivation.

You will not permit life’s distractions and discouragements to hold you hostage. You will not allow today’s circumstances to keep you from moving towards tomorrow’s promises. 

Here are 21 insights that will empower you to live out your God-designed vision with impact.

1.  God’s desire is that you have a vision that comes from Him and belongs to you personally and not a vision dictated by contemporary society, traditional religion or some else’s opinion.

2.  Visions are birthed in the heart and mind of an individual that is frustrated and tired of the way things are in contrast to the way they believe things could and should be.

3.  Vision is the engine that drives progress.

4.  Your vision was designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out.

5.  The poorest person in the world is a person without a vision.

6.  Once you realize your vision from God, it will raise a hunger and passion in you like never before.

7.  Visions thrive in an environment of unity, but they will die in an environment of division.

8.  Vision is the ingredient that will launch you out of a place of stagnation and into forward action

9.   If your vision is from God then it will be bigger than what you can do alone.

10.  Your vision is not a one size fits all, but it is uniquely fashioned to fit you.

11.  If you wish to grasp God’s vision for your life and family, you must plan to make an investment in the process.

12.  When you realize your vision it will become your personal GPS to guide you through life’s ups and downs.

13.  Your vision will expand your thinking, increase your sight and elevate your walk.

14.  It will give you the inspiration and motivation you need when it seems everything and everyone is against you.

15.  Your life’s vision will provide you with a reason to get up in the morning, a path to follow and a target to hit.

16.  No matter how challenging life gets, don’t give up, because your vision is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

17.  When God reveals your vision it will begin to influence the way you think, talk, conduct your daily activities, who you allow in your inner circle and what you spend your time and money on.

18.  You cannot be valuable to God’s ultimate plan if you do not know and understand your personal vision.

19.  Vision is revealed to the person in position to listen.

20.  Physical sight see things as they are, but vision see things as they could be.

21.  God will give you a picture of the future that can only be seen, believed and achieved through the eyes of vision.


Question: What insights can you incorporate today to live your vision with impact? Leave a comment below.

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I am the CEO of Lead to Impact, a personal, leadership and team empowerment company. I am the author of Vision Impact!, Goals Matter!, Man Up! Rise to the Challenge and It's In You to Win. I love to coach and train individuals and organizations using my inspirational, interactive and instructional presentations. My life's assignment is to help bring out the color within individuals lives by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and live out their God-designed vision.

  • tj rayford

    I tell you Min. Haynes, I am finally where God wants me to be…Listening to Him and He has revealed my vision that has been in me for a long time. I’m struggling with the distractions but I will press on…thanks for the blogs….truly beneficial…truly…t.j.

    • TJ, I glad you are in the position God desires for you. When we listen to Him things turnout for our good. I will pray for you against the distractions.

  • Great post, Bernard. Man, I appreciate your wisdom! Number 5 and 20 are awesome and I’ll quote you when I use them! What an amazing gift vision is, and we thought our senses were amazing?

    • Thanks Floyd. Vision is an amazing gift. It aligns us where God desires for us to go. It will be honor for you to use any of my quotes.

  • #2 and 10 really spoke to me. Thank you.
    Sometimes I don’t understand the reason God calls me to do something until after I do it. But each step I must trust Him.

    • TC, I have learned to not try and figure out why God calls us to do something. Just follow His lead. He is known for taking the least likely to succeed or the person counted out and use them to a great work. He is doing a phenomenal work in and through you. Keep allowing Him to use you. Be blessed.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Bernard. I really appreciate it.
        God is so awesome…to not look at us as the world does (or even as we see ourselves). He sees all the potential and beauty in us, because He’s the one who put it there!

  • LOVE #13 “Your vision will expand your thinking, increase your sight and elevate your walk.” I personally know my self-talk, imagination, and thoughts about a better future have allowed me to take action on my God given dreams. Great post!

  • Shannon Preston

    Thanks for sharing. Some really great points.